2013 Project Grant

Posted on Dec 29 2012 by jorad

In 2012 I applied for numerous grants, some in pursuit of my art focus, while others related to my desire to share the process of a studio artist with aspiring creative minds in the K-12 setting joining art with academic curriculum.

I am proud to ecstatically announce that I have been awarded funding by the Regional Arts & Culture Council in the Artistic Focus Project Grant category for my project, Northwest Neighbors: Who are we? .

I proposed to create 15 large scale figurative oil paintings inspired by the
variety of people I see in the neighborhood setting.

“I notice a woman balancing a gallon of milk on top of her head while
walking down Powell Boulevard. I note hands in vivid anguished motion,
while I listen to a distraught yet optimistic, bearded man tell his plight
to police officers in the lobby of the Beaverton City Hall.”

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