Dogs Are Our Neighbors Too!

Posted on Mar 02 2013 by jorad

I’m a painter working from candid photographs of people caught in daily in-between moments. My current project “NW Neighbors:Who Are We” funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council had me recently questioning my choice to include several dogs among my candid moment paintings.

Do I just like dogs? I have a dog. I was finally inclined to Google search #1 dog friendly cities. Well guess what? For a 2011 survey Portland Oregon tops the list. No Surprises there!

I began to ponder the fact that 100 years ago horses (big dogs) were tied up outside of the bars, restaurants, and stores…today there are dogs.

Stay tuned for exhibit schedule, trivia, and progress notes.(All paintings are 30″ x 40″ oil on canvas. Images pictured are only small portions of the final work in progress).

Focal point of painting #3 in progress

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