Another Saturday Morning

Posted on Apr 07 2013 by jorad

I spent my Saturday morning “Putting the pieces together: How to use Social Media to Promote your Art or Event” offered through RACC at OSA. And here I go…

In the Studio, I am currently working on my Artistic Focus Grant Project of a projected fifteen 30”x 40” figurative oil paintings using the theme, “NW Neighbors: Who Are We?”

I have been taking photos, composing ideas and images and preparing to start another four paintings. In the process I stop to think about things like:

Who are my influences?

Austrian painter and protégé of Gustav Klimpt, Egon Schiele (1890 -1918) is one. I  resonate with the dominance of expressive drawing and character in the painting and the way the figures tangent and leave the borders of the canvas.

Another…Alice Neel for much of the same reason, simple graphic composition with expressive character. Her subject matter is of a like mind including casual acquaintances, family, friends and people she encountered on the streets.

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