Painting a Memory

Posted on Aug 06 2013 by jorad

I received this email today:
“EVERYONE loved the paintings. The gathering was rather low-key and the only time it got really emotional is when I gave David his painting and he gave the other one to his dad. You have such a wonderful gift about really capturing the person and the moment. The next weekend I was in Seattle and visiting my niece’s new home. As you walk into the main hallway, there going up the stairs is the “Joanne Kollman Gallery”!!!! There is the portrait of my mom and dad, Emily as a baby, Emily as a little girl, and the picture you just did of David’s mother. They are amazing. As you sit in the living room you can see all this beautiful art work. Thank you so much.” -P

I recently read that the best compliment you can pay an artist is $ and it is so true. However, when the emotion of the art sings and the notes are hit and they resonate it is really the best on all fronts. So a public thank you to all who have so generously supported my endeavors!

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