Northwest Neighbors: Who Are We?
These 30” x 40” oil paintings portray friends, acquaintances, and strangers. My subjects are depicted in their “in-between moments” in life, where individual personality is expressed through gesture, style and culture. By using broad gesture and simplification, my exploration of the ephemeral moment conveys a thought or emotion. These fleeting gestures have a way of capturing universal qualities of humanity. This project was made possible by an Artistic Focus grant award from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. Follow my blog to learn more about the project. Look for upcoming exhibits under “Galleries and Workshops.”

A sense of mood and character are important to me in my portraits.  I often start these paintings from life and finish from a photograph. I may also start the other way around and take many photos for inspiration and definition of the many faces portrayed by the individual. I intend to show the process of layering and variety in paint quality and tonality as the end product.

My paintings explore the gesture of the figure captured in the moment. The backgrounds are influenced by my landscape paintings. However, I emphasize simple shapes in the space over definition of the actual place. People close to me as well as strangers on the street inspire the figures in these paintings.

Landscape painting satisfies an interest in interpreting outdoor color and the changing light patterns. I want to capture an impression of the multiple snapshots that occur with the passage of time and movement of light. Creating the right balance of realism, lyrical brushstroke, and color tells me when then painting is done. Plein air painting allows for an immediacy and spontaneity of the moment.